2016 Playlist: Atomic – Indoor Voices

If there was a formula to get onto this playlist it’d be something like:

(reverb  x vocals) (organ + swirling)²

Which Indoor Voices’ Atomic nails and hard.

The video is an unsettling Wasp vs. Cockroach fight in which there is no clear victor.

At the time of writing, that video has 150 views, which is a travesty.

2016 Playlist: Reichpop – Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing always strike me as a soaring chorus away from a bona fide, inescapable, please stop playing this ‘hit’. Which is probably for the best.  Reichpop pulls back from the “ad-break on Sunday Brunch” precipice by not starting for a minute and a half, and by erring on the dream, rather than pop, side of dream pop. 

It probably has appeared in the ad-break on Sunday Brunch but you can’t hold that against it.

2016 Playlist: Lazarus – David Bowie

Enough has been said about the sad passing of Jareth the Goblin King. Enough has also been said about his final album, Black Star. It’s good, but by and large doesn’t exactly lend itself to picking out tracks in isolation.

That said, Lazarus stands alone pretty well. If someone played you the video with no prior knowledge of Bowie, you’d maybe say “Hey, this guy seems like he’s not going to be around much longer” and you’d be right.

It’s impossible to think about without getting profoundly bummed out.