This Week in Discover Weekly: 02.05.16

In This Week in Discover Weekly I listen to my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist and offer first impressions on each track in a line or so. I’ll then make a decision as to whether to KEEP in ‘Songs’ or DISCARD.  The ratio of KEEP to DISCARD will give the playlist a score.

I’m super late this week, so late that my playlist switched over to the next week’s one and I didn’t finish it. So I guess here you go? 

Electronic composer Dan Deacon is a name I hear a lot but I’ve never paid much attention to. Feel the Lightning isn’t making me regret that. DISCARD

A Sunny Day in Glasgow‘s Jewelry Duty (sic) on the other hand, makes me wish I’d paid more attention to the Philadelphia shoegaze outfit. I say shoegaze (because most biogs for the band do), but Jewelry Duty sounds more like Broken Social Scene label-mates Stars. KEEP

Wall of Death on the other, other hand… you get the point.  Loveland. DISCARD

Steven Malkmus & The Jicks’ Stick Figures in Love is breezy and thoroughly likeable. KEEP

I have a vague and distant memory of hearing that Richard Swift was working with Mark Ronson a few years ago and if that was true, it would explain The Bully: a vertiable puddle of hot piss. DISCARD

Blake Mills It’ll All Work Out is fine in itself, but it gives me an opportunity to talk about ‘Wintersong‘ from the same album, 2010’s ‘Break Mirrors’.  Wintersong is a fucking goody. So I’ll KEEP that and probably KEEP this one too on the off chance that it grows on me like Wintersong did. Seriously, Wintersong, excellent. Go listen.

I have absolutely no idea when I would ever want to listen to Dieuleul-Dieuleul by Aby Ngana Diop which I imagine makes me closed minded and a bad person. But Christ, it feels like listening to a migraine. DISCARD

Weird Little Birthday Girl finds Happyness murmuring through something not too dissimilar to Lambchop or Sparklehorse in their lowest respective keys. It’s lovely. KEEP

Weird Fishes / Arpeggi by Umphrey’s McGee was going ok but after a few minutes I started thinking ‘hey is this a live track?’ and then a really ropey backing vocal came in and I started thinking ‘yeah this is a live track’. It got noodlier from thereand I lost interest. DISCARD

Grimm Grimm’s  Hazy Eyes Maybe sounds like it would be right at home on the Rushmore soundtrack. KEEP

Both Nurses and Shilpa Ray‘s efforts are deeply irritating and cloying in their own unique ways, but fuck writing an individual thing for either of them. DISCARD and DISCARD

Why are those songs annoying, but Jens Lenkman’s A Postcard to Nina isn’t? It’s twee, it’s cutesy, it’s jokey enough to end up bordering on a novelty track. But it’s also pretty funny, and it’s from Lenkman’s ‘Night Falls Over Kortedala’, an album shot through with a goofy smirk. KEEP

Prinzhorn Dance School’s Clean is stirring up the same feelings that The xx gave me back in 2009, namely ‘ugh who cares’. DISCARD

And that’s where I stopped writing. 

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