2016 Playlist: Spectre – Radiohead

It might seem insane that EON or Sony (or whoever) rejected Radiohead’s stab at writing a Bond tune for ‘Spectre’, especially considering they went with Sam Smith’s wet streak of piss ‘The Writing’s on the Wall’.

As it turned out, it was probably the right call. Radiohead‘s Spectre  would only have written the audience a cheque that the film couldn’t cash. The best Bond theme since ‘You Only Live Twice’ followed by a couple of hours of incoherent fan wank. Better to enjoy it paired with Empire Strikes Back  in a video by film student Kurt Rauffer, who I can only assume has job offers coming out the wazoo right about now.

2016 Playlist: Palms Lose – Casey Mecija

Writing about music you like is, it turns out, harder than writing about stuff you dislike. Personally, I’ve been forced to confront just how narrow my own taste is by the number of times I’ve had to wrack my brain for another way to describe something as distant, dreamy, ethereal etc.

So here’s Palms Lose by Casey Mecija sounding like all those things, bursting with breathy counter-melodies, reminiscent of bands like Twin Sister and Summer Camp, and thoroughly deserving of just… better words.

2016 Playlist: Barricade (Matter of Fact) – Yumi Zouma

As a huge fan of Yumi Zouma‘s 2014 song ‘The Brae’, I’ve got mixed feelings about the number of times I’ve heard it while picking up a disappointing toastie in EAT.

Here’s hoping Barricade (Matter Of Fact) isn’t subjected to the same ‘high street sandwich chain playlist’ ignominy. It’s a lovely burbling couple of minutes, too delicate to accompany lunch time sandwich purgatory.