2016 Playlist: Door To Tomorrow – Beyond The Wizards Sleeve

I used to joke about starting a company called “Lizard’s Weave” and the logo would be a lizard with a wig on. It’s not one of my best ‘bits’. But at least I didn’t start a band called that right?

Credit where credit is due though, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve’s Door to Tomorrow is better than anything I would have come up with for my Lizard’s Weave musical ‘project’. Featuring vocals from Euros Childs (Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci) and the kind of string sample + drum machine groove that used to soundtrack every single ad in the mid 90s, it’s pretty much the ideal comfort food for shiftless 30-somethings browsing Spotify for “new” music that preferrably doesn’t sound too off-puttingly new. I like it anyway.

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