2016 Playlist: What’s Not Mine – Cate le Bon

Let’s take a moment to discuss the art of the album closer.* Not everyone’s good at them. Not everyone bothers with them, owing to the fact that not everyone makes it through entire albums these days. I mean here’s a blog about picking out individual songs, how many albums do you think I get through on an average week?

But despite my current song/track fetish, I still appreciate the album as a form, especially ones that aren’t front-loaded with the best stuff.  I’m always especially delighted by a good ol’ fashioned closer, particularly ones like Cate le Bon’s What’s Not Mine which confidently brings her album ‘Crab Day’ to a lead-footed, crashing halt. Strangled guitar solos, staccato sax grunts, piano keys that sound distorted by how hard and often they’re being stabbed. It’s good times. Too bad I found it around the middle of 2016 otherwise I’d have closed the whole playlist with it.

*Let’s take a moment to discuss how shit that opener is. Who IS this asshole, am I right?

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