2018 Playlist: Cool – Soccer Mommy

Cool is absolutely impeccable growly, grungey pop that doesn’t so much fade out as de-tune out and I liked that a lot. Good job, Soccer Mommy.


2018 Playlist: Composite – Palm

Palm‘s Composite staggers in and out of ‘knowing Beach Boys pastiche’ and something I’m reliably informed is ‘Math Pop’, something I can only assume is math rock’s less obnoxious cousin. Also, guys, it’s maths.

Playlist 2018: Middle America – Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

Stephen Malkmus continues to sound about 23 years old on Middle America. For both Malkmus and Jicks alike, it seems it will always be 1994, there or thereabouts. Only difference is, if this were a Pavement song it’d have a sick video like Cut Your Hair or Stereo and not¬†just a still image of Malkmus on a horse in a cool duster-type coat.